Any leakage in the house is a sign that you need to call a plumber. Even a small leakage can mean there are a lot of other hidden issues.

Sometimes, leaking pipes don’t appear so bad, and we try to do the plumbing ourselves, which worsens the situation. The questions mentioned below will help you figure out if the situation calls for a plumbing services Elk Grove emergency or not.

Can It Wait?

Leakage is the cause of high water pressure and temperature changes in pipes. Fixing it yourself is a temporary solution.

You need a plumber right away in cases when:

  • The water won’t stop flowing from the pipes.
  • If it is in a toilet or sink and you can’t avoid using it.
  • You don’t know where is the water shutoff valve and how to use it.

In these cases, you need immediate professional help to fix the pipe permanently.

Do You Notice Discoloration On Walls and Ceilings?

Leaking pipes are the leading cause of warped and excessively stained walls. These stains keep increasing, and soon you will find them on all the walls of your house.

This discoloration can keep you from selling your house in the future. Since replacing the pipes is costly, it is better to look for professional help during the initial stages.

Is There Mold Growth in Your Bathrooms?

Molds grow where they find extra moisture. Pipe leakage can lead to their growth in different places of your house like:

  • Under your kitchen sink
  • Corner of the walls
  • Bathroom walls and near pots

These molds can cause serious health issues. So, consult a plumber before the situation gets worse.

Do You Find Brown Or Discolored Water?

Brown or discolored water is a sign to start looking for a plumber as soon as possible. After some time, this leaking water starts giving a foul smell, ruining the environment of your home.

Are You Getting Abnormally High Water Bills Lately?

Pipe leaks can hugely affect your water bills. People often don’t realize how much water is dripping from the broken pipes. Temporary patches are available, but it is not a permanent solution.

These unrepaired pipes will abnormally increase the number on your bills. It is better to consult a licensed plumber to control the situation beforehand. Only professionals can give you the right idea of how to manage these problems.

Are There a Lot of Unaddressed Leaks in the House?

Pipe leaks are not always visible unless we see them on our walls or ceilings. These unaddressed leaks can cause pipe bursts and flooding.

Pipe bursts mean a deluge of water will hit your house and completely ruin it. Subsequently, the only way would be to spend a lot of money on repairmen.

Seeking the right help at the right time will save you a fortune and provide permanent solutions for your house.

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