Kao Saephanh has been learning the trade since 2009. He graduated from WyoTech in Fremont as #1in his graduating class. Shortly after he went back to school at San Jose City College and learned more advanced skills in their heating and air conditioning program.

​Since 2011 Kao has been in the field as an install helper, lead installer, service technician and senior technician. Since then Kao has branched off to start Climate Solutions LLC with a vision to offer affordable heating and cooling solutions to families in Sacramento County.


Climate Solutions LLC is a small family-owned residential HVAC company operating out of  Elk Grove, CA. Since opening our doors, we have treated every client like family. Although others have become focused on profit, we believe in providing a good old-fashioned service that has been forgotten.

Here at Climate Solutions LLC, reputation comes first. We use state-of-the-art infrared cameras to perform safety inspections on your heating and cooling system during their routine tune-ups, which allow us to thoroughly and honestly discuss options with you if any action is required. We also provide photos of your ventilation system from your attic and underneath your home with every tune-up!

​Our technicians wear shoe covers to prevent tracking dust, dirt and other contaminants into your clean home. Our vans are regularly maintained to prevent break downs and oil leaks that could interfere with our services, amongst other things, as our reputation with you is important.