Heat Pump Performance: Heat pumps pull heat from the outside ground and air to keep a house or office warm. It uses a small amount of energy to move that heat within your home. With certain precautions, you can viably increase the efficiency of your heat pump.

Eager to know how to improve the performance of your heat pump? Read further to learn the tips for maintaining the longevity of your system with enhanced performance.

Don’t Make Big Jumps with Temperature Settings

Any sudden change in temperatures activates the backup heater. You can use programmable thermostat options that begin the heating 15 minutes before you need it.

Keep in mind not to set excessively high temperature; it should be between 65-75°F for optimal results. However, going above 75°F will only consume energy without heating your house any faster. In case of any problems, search for heat pump service Elk Grove and hire professionals.

Defrosting of Components is Normal

Defrosting in the heat pump is very typical during winters because it has a short cycle. However, if your system stays in defrost mode for an extended period, immediately call for assistance.

Avoid Activating Backup Resistance Heater

For two-stage thermostats, you don’t need to set temperatures at night. As you turn the heat back up in the morning, it will activate the backup resistance heater.

Backup resistance heaters, when activated,:

  • are inefficient to pump heat
  • wipe out all the energy savings

If you change the temperature settings at night, raise a few degrees and keep checking the thermostat light in the morning. It will help figure out if the backup heater is active.

Check the Filters

Filters lose their efficiency when they are clogged with foreign particles. They don’t allow the air to move appropriately and compromise the working of heat pumps.

Check if dust and dirt have blocked the filters. Place it in the sunlight and look if any light can pass through it. If not, replace it immediately. Additionally, check the filters every month because they affect the performance and the lifespan of the system.

Pair the Thermostats With the Heat Pumps

There are programmed thermostats available that work with different heat pump configurations.

These smart thermostats:

  • can simultaneously run the heat pump and auxiliary heat
  • support several stages of heating
  • decrease energy consumption
  • reduce cost

Avoid Making Heat Pump Shelters

Do not cover your heat pumps or build shelters. These covers can cause mould growth and pest infestation.

The heat pump requires open space to breathe. If snow or leaves bundle up on the top, clean it gently. Never fiddle with the sides as it can affect the fragile fins.

Keep Proper Maintenance Schedule

To avoid any sudden breakdowns and problems, hire professionals for heat pump maintenance. Get your system monitored once a year by trusted technicians to prevent any damage and untimely repair issues.

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