HVAC Coil Corrosion: What Causes It and How to Avoid It

Although HVACs are built to last a lifetime, many parts are vulnerable to damage under certain circumstances. All HVACs have two types of coils present in them. Both coils are essential to the air conditioning process as they circulate the refrigerant responsible for cooling the room down. The two coils are:

  1. Condenser coil
  2. Evaporator coil

Condenser coil

The condenser coil is located in the outdoor condenser of the HVAC. It is prone to damage easily as it is exposed to the wear and tear of the weather.

Evaporator coil

This coil is situated in the indoor unit, protected from the regular weather beating, and is expected to last a lifetime, but even this coil is prone to damage. This coil is responsible for absorbing the hot air in your house and cooling it down by circulating refrigerant to and fro the condenser unit.

What Causes Coil Corrosion?

Many factors can cause corrosion in the coils including:

  • Chemicals
  • Weather
  • Building structure


In many of the units, when the HVAC is exposed to cleaning agents, paints, and carpentering fluids that contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like fluorides, chlorides, or other acids, they cause a chemical reaction within the coil and cause corrosion. This type of corrosion can occur in both the coils.


The condenser coil present in the outdoor unit faces heat, rain, and cold temperatures. Over time with usage, harsh weather can cause corrosion in the coil. The HVAC’s location would also affect the corrosion along with climatic conditions. For example, an HVAC working in a place close to the sea will have high salinity in the air, which can also speed up the process of corrosion in the coils.

Building Structure

With the new age of construction making buildings tighter in terms of space and construction, it might seem like a great idea since it will take less energy to heat or cool down the building, but this also means that the air inside the building is trapped, and circulation does not happen as easily. This affects the evaporator coil and causes corrosion. 

What Happens if Coils have Corroded?

The refrigerant that circulates between the coils usually stays in a gaseous state. It turns from gas to liquid and liquid to gas. Since the gas is under pressure in the HVAC, it escapes easily from the holes caused by corrosion. This puts your HVACs efficiency at fault.

How to Find Corrosion in Coils?

If you find either your air conditioner or heat pump not working properly, calling a technician to check the coils is ideal. If you live in a place with saline air, it’s better to get a regular maintenance deal so that they can arrange a frequency of service that works for both. 

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Do You Need Emergency HVAC Repair?

From refrigerant and leakage to defective blower fans, several potential issues can affect your AC unit. A large number of these issues will come into vision as your AC kicks into full gear in the spring. To avoid a dire situation, you need to get familiar with issues that indicate you need HVAC repair. 

Regular check-ups from an HVAC expert, in general, will keep the framework well-maintained. If you notice any of these indications with your unit, call an authorized HVAC Repair Elk Grove CA, immediately.

The AC isn’t working 

While it may sound self-explanatory, this issue can be hard to fix even though you have experience with ACs. After checking the thermostat settings and battery, affirming you have power, and checking or supplanting the air channel, you need to shut off your AC. 

Shutting your air conditioner off will prevent further damage from happening and save you money. An expert on HVAC repair would then be able to analyze and fix the framework before it deteriorates. 

Ice on your AC unit 

The occasional snow on your AC can also lead to you calling up emergency HVAC services. The evaporator coil may freeze. This might happen when the refrigerant moving through the copper tubes gets too cool. 

The most well-known guilty party for this incident is a Freon release that results in a low degree of refrigerant. Freon is an unsafe substance and can harm you and your family’s well-being. Bring in an expert from a reputed HVAC repair Elk Grove CA organization right away. 

Spike in your electricity bills 

Higher bills are ordinary during the pinnacles of summer and winter. However, an extraordinary and unexpected change could be a wiring issue. Thus, if you notice a usual rise in your electricity bill not supported by the weather conditions, call in an expert. 

Something strange in the air 

AC units that work efficiently ought to never emit a smell. The smell of something burning coming off from your HVAC system is anything but a decent sign. This could mean either a synthetic release or a genuine electrical issue. If you smell something surprising, cut off power to the system and contact HVAC Repair Elk Grove CA experts to fix the matter. At Climate Solutions LLC, We offer air conditioner repair Elk Grove CA at an unbeatable cost. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

Maintain your HVAC system

Mild temperatures can diminish the oncoming of an HVAC crisis, yet if you are in a heatwave or moistness levels are high, a crisis call is unquestionable. 

To help forestall HVAC crises, twice-yearly support from a well-experienced HVAC repair Elk Grove CA company will go far to improve your system’s capacities. The advantages of ordinary support are quantifiable – 

  • Lower energy charges because of the framework working at top productivity. 
  • Fewer crisis calls and fixes. 
  • Longer hardware life. 

Finally, keeping a look over your HVAC system implies it runs all the more securely, ensuring your family against things like short circuits and synthetic breaks. If you want an expert to get on your matter, contact Climate Solutions LLC for a quick and durable fix.

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What AC Repairs Needed From Damages Caused By Severe Weather?

With summers starting, air conditioners have come back into use quite swiftly. Because air conditioners are used by people quite a lot in scorching heat, it is no surprise that they need repair often. 

Summer brings along a lot of severe weather like storms, both thunderstorms and rainstorms–and even hail. All these weather conditions can damage your air conditioner and have you paying a hefty sum for its repair. 

For instance, an awful climate periodically goes along with power cuts. Moreover, since your AC is electronic and power cuts and electronic devices are not compatible, you will need to find ways to secure your AC. It is fitting to turn off your air conditioner whenever there is a storm brewing outside to see the AC’s safety. Even then, if you think there is an issue, call up an air conditioner repair Elk Grove CA company after the storm. 

Covering Your AC

People stress over an excessive amount of water getting on or in their air conditioner and decide to cover it with a canvas or cover. This does not help and could harm your AC if you do not remove the covering before running it once more. 

Your AC was made to deal with snow and rain, so stay away from a potential AC fixing appointment by not covering your unit. If you notice your AC is in standing water after a storm, make sure to call up a good air Conditioner Repair Elk Grove CA organization before you check up on it. 

Flying or Falling Objects 

Another threat to your AC in a severe climate is falling (or flying) objects. This is somewhat difficult to forestall. However, you can reduce the amount of danger by keeping stuff that is not grounded securely to the ground. 

When the storm passes, try to tidy up any dirt or debris that may have aggregated around your unit. If the debris did hit and harm your AC, make a call to your air conditioner service Elk Grove CA company so that they can come over to assess, assist and fix your conditioner. 

High Temperatures

The biggest reason why ACs need fixing is the high temperature in summers. Your AC was made to withstand rain and to deal with a ton of warmth from the sun. 

In any case, the more blazing the sun, the harder your AC needs to work to cool your home. You can help screen some mileage by keeping your house’s temperature setting a little higher. The nearer your indoor temperature is to the open-air temperature, the simpler it gets for your AC to work. 

If you face any of the above problems and do not know what to do, feel free to reach out to Climate Solutions on their website https://www.climatesolutionsca.com/ or call them at (916) 667-6486.

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