What AC Service Do You Need?

With temperatures hovering up to 80°F, summers in California are not something you want to deal with without air conditioners! However, as you start using the AC after a long break of winters, you may realize there is something just not right with your AC. Even after a little online research, things might not be clear to determine the actual issue.

In such cases, you most probably need to contact an air conditioner service in Elk Grove, CA, so that a team of professionals can examine and repair it for you.

3 Most Common AC Problems You Could Face

1. Inadequate cooling

It is one of the most common issues most homeowners deal with when they turn on the AC after a long time. It usually takes around 10-15 minutes for an AC unit to cool the house/room, depending on the size. However, if you notice that it’s taking way too long for cool air to blow or stills fails to cool, that’s when you need to call a professional air conditioner service in Elk Grove, CA.

2. A sudden spike in energy bills

As the efficiency of the unit tends to decrease over time, you might observe increasing AC bills. However, if you notice that your energy bills keep on increasing at an incredible rate each month, it’s time to call an AC repair.

A sudden increase in energy bills is a sign that your AC’s efficiency is struggling. A professional technician can examine the unit to find the underlying cause and fix it.

3. Strange and loud noises from the unit

Although air conditioners can’t be silent, the only noise you must be hearing should be a slight woosh or humming. But if you are experiencing some strange noises coming from your unit, it’s time to call an air conditioner service in Elk Grove, CA, right away.

Here are some AC noises you must be concerned of –

  • Loud buzz

If you hear a buzzing sound continuously, it’s most probably a sign of an electrical fault inside your system. In some cases, the buzzing sound is also indicative of the malfunction of the fan. Whatever the reason is, only professionals can help tackle this issue with proficiency.

  • Grinding

If you notice a grinding sound of metal, it can be a sign that one or more of your AC’s internal parts are broken. If you do not address the issue on time, the broken parts grinding here and there can damage your unit further!

That’s why you need to contact an air conditioner service in Elk Grove, CA, as soon as you notice grinding noise.

  • Banging

Banging is another sign that you might have a loose part inside the AC. The loose part can cause further breakdown by damaging other components.

If you notice any of the above issues in your air conditioner, we can fix them right away! We are a one-stop solution to all your residential HVAC issues of air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and indoor air quality.

Call Climate Solutions at (916)-667-6486 to schedule a service today!

5 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair

This is not just your imagination if you think the hot weather has come early in California. According to local weather forecasters, summer has gotten a jump start. That implies you may be already feeling uneasy in your house if you don’t get an AC repair in Elk Grove, CA. Sometimes it is tough to detect issues, while other times, the symptoms are there in front of you. 

Here are some signs that your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Unpleasant odours

If you notice bad scents and believe they originate from your HVAC system, you should address the problem before it worsens. Fortunately, a simple diagnostic visit will tell you if your air conditioning system needs a tune-up and thorough maintenance or whether your cooling system requires a more sophisticated solution. 

Ultraviolet lights may be quite effective in eliminating chronic microbial development in your air conditioner. Cleaning can also help to eliminate odours that have already been collected in the ducts. 

  • The lack of airflow

If you haven’t used your air conditioning unit for quite a while, you may believe it requires some time to get going before it can start chilling your room. You can also notice little air flowing from the vents. Alternatively, the device appears to operate indefinitely and never removes humidity from the air. 

When you observe these and other symptoms of inconsistency in airflow, it’s important to call a reliable HVAC firm that can fast and effectively diagnose and repair your air conditioning unit.

  • Weird sounds

When most air conditioners start to shut down, they make a strange but little noise. However, loud, abrupt, or unexpected noises might indicate serious difficulties with your refrigeration system. Rumbling or buzzing noises may suggest a loose element, but whistling or grinding noises may indicate a more significant problem. This sort of problem is unlikely to go away on its own. Therefore a professional tune-up is required.

  • Increased electricity bills

Sometimes it appears that your air conditioner is performing normally, but then you receive a shockingly high electricity bill. The issue may be anything from a ducting leak to a faulty thermostat switch or just the age of your air conditioning unit. Contact an AC repair in Elk Grove, CA, as soon as possible. These skilled technicians will get right to work analyzing and repairing problems. 

  • Water leakage

Your AC unit uses refrigerant to keep your home comfortable, and it may generate condensation as it works. However, none of these substances should collect or seep into your house. Accumulated water or an active leakage surrounding your air conditioner are indicators that your conditioning system isn’t working correctly. Don’t delay off contacting our air conditioning service specialists. Leaks may cause significant structural damage to property and cause it to deteriorate fast.

Climate Solutions (LLC) specialize in air conditioning, equipment installation, indoor air quality, and other services in addition to air conditioning unit maintenance. To get the best air conditioning services, contact us at (916) 667-6486 or drop a mail at climatesolutionsca@outlook.com to get your air conditioner ready for the summer.

Benefits Of Quality Plumbing Services

Whenever the water system isn’t working properly, the desire to take up a tool and address yourself is common. It may accomplish so with the help of DIY tutorials on YouTube, but some plumbing services may demand more. Some parts require particular expertise to fix, so even if you got the equipment, you might not be able to address the problem.

As a result, it is critical to get assistance from a plumber who has been in the field for a long time since they recognize the varied plumbing service dynamics for plumbing services in Elk Grove. 

Plumbers who have been trained and are licensed

If you employ a skilled plumber to install your new water heater or shower, you may benefit from proper water flow and temperatures. Unlicensed plumbers may be less expensive, but the service may be of less quality. An inexperienced plumber may cause far more damage than good, providing you with a hassle and potentially greater future plumbing expenses. Instead, you can depend on well-trained professionals at plumbing services in Elk Grove for a wide range of plumbing difficulties.

Quality hardware and configuration

It is prudent to ensure excellent services if you plan to build a home and hire professionals for your plumbing system:

  • These specialists will devise a well-thought-out strategy for maintaining a trouble-free infrastructure.
  • They will carefully attach fixtures to ensure that everything runs well.
  • These dependable specialists will select high-quality products that will meet your current and future requirements.

Offers a variety of services

Quality Plumbing services offer a wide range of repair services. Each plumber is given extensive training. That implies you can sometimes request numerous services to get your plumbing system back in working order with a phone call. Some plumbing firms specialize in a single service, such as drain unblocking. Others can add water heaters, showers, valves, and other equipment, as well as empty, fix, or upgrade your pipes. 

Check-up and maintenance are done regularly

Your plumbing system requires annual inspection and maintenance. This is because you must inspect each component of your system to verify that they are in good condition. Like any electronic item such as an air conditioning system or heater, the plumbing system combines many components working together. If there are any problems, they may be resolved promptly before they worsen. So when you contact professional plumbing services in Elk Grove, you obtain high-quality services. This ensures that these highly dependable plumbers will perform miracles on your system to guarantee that it lasts for many years.

Services for Emergencies

Who will you contact if there is a clogged drain in the dead of night or if your water heater fails? Reap the benefits of our professional plumbing urgent assistance at any time of the day or overnight. Professional plumbers operate on a customer-centric philosophy. This guarantees you can trust experienced, certified professionals even if another plumbing business has failed you. 

You will be able to reap the essential benefits as a result of doing so: fast services, correct assembly, and enhanced personnel, frequent operation and maintenance, and successful repair or replacement work. 

Climate Solutions LLC offers you some of the best quality Elk Grove plumbing services. To get the best plumbing services, contact us at (916) 667-6486. You can also drop a mail at climatesolutionsca@outlook.com.

5 Things Everyone Must Know About Air Conditioners

Did you know that air conditioners are capable of affecting our moods? You can have a better sleep if your room temperature is correctly set. Now, you don’t have control over the outside weather, but you can decide your home temperature according to the weather outside with ACs. 

Air conditioners, over the years, have become a necessity. However, most owners are unaware of some basic facts about this cooling device they rely so much upon.

5 Things Everyone Should Know about Air Conditioners

  • Maintenance is the key to a healthy AC

Although this must be your prime focus as an AC owner, most people are oblivious to it. Getting regular maintenance by air conditioning companies is the secret to sustaining your AC once or twice a year, depending on how old your AC is. Your AC takes up lots of loads to cool down your house. In return, you can promise your appliance an annual maintenance check-up. 

  • Clean the unit thoroughly

Although annual maintenance is necessary, you cannot entirely depend on this to keep your AC in good condition. Your responsibility also includes cleaning the AC once every 30 days. Experts of air conditioner service in Elk Grove, CA, suggest cleaning the filters and drain pipes often since these parts deal with most dust and debris. Also, check up on the coils for any stuck dust or frozen coils.

  • Set the temperature right

Your air conditioner does not magically produce cool air. It takes air from outside, uses its refrigerant to cool down the air, and releases it into your home. Due to this, your AC can only provide air 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Technicians of air conditioner service in Elk Grove, CA, say that if the outer temperature is 95 degrees, the AC will cool your home interiors up to 75 degrees. If you set the temperature lower than this, the AC is overloaded with too much pressure.

  • Energy efficiency is the way to go

New technology has brought innovations. If your system is still decades old, there’s no way you are using technology to its best. Replace your old system with a brand new energy-efficient model that will benefit your energy bill and the environment. A new system will require less AC service in Elk Grove, CA, and provide more cooling.

  • Know your coolants

Your air conditioner runs on these coolants, also known as refrigerant gases. If you’re out of this, the air conditioner fails to provide cool air. Also, a leak in this gas is more dangerous. You must also pay attention to what coolant is used in your air conditioner.

About us

At Climate Solutions, we aim to serve our customers with top-quality HVAC repair in Elk Grove, CA. Our company is a small family-owned business that values customer reviews and satisfaction. Call us for supervision or servicing of your AC using the latest technical equipment in hand. 

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What To Do About These 5 Common Air Conditioner Problems

In the United States, most households have some form of air conditioning. However, a few homeowners experience problems after their air conditioner is turned on. After such a long time of inactivity, air conditioners might develop various issues, so it’s crucial to give them a thorough maintenance check with an AC repair in Elk Grove, CA service provider before resuming usage. Some of the most common problems to look out for are – 

Most Common AC Problems You Could Face

  • Dirty or clogged filters

The air conditioner filter is supposed to keep the airflow clean and free of dust and contaminants. The airflow is restricted by a clogged air filter, which reduces the performance of your air conditioning system. A dirty filter also lowers the system’s ability to chill the air adequately. When changing or cleaning the air filter, always consult air conditioner repair in Elk Grove, CA . Furthermore, you can use smart AC controllers to assist you in monitoring the status of your system’s filters. 

  • Indoor leakages

If you notice water seeping from your air conditioner’s indoor unit, it’s time for a tune-up! Water leaks from an air conditioning unit can occur when the system’s condenser drain becomes choked with algae or fungi, causing the water to back up the pipe and into your home. Another cause could be that your condenser pump has fully failed and needs to be replaced.

  • Refrigerant leaks

Freon is another name for an AC refrigerant responsible for cooling down in your air conditioning unit. As the name implies, it is the actual mechanism by which an air conditioning system cools your home. However, refrigerant leaks might occur due to various reasons and end up lowering your air conditioner’s effectiveness. Furthermore, the leaks of the chemicals used can also endanger the immediate area.

  • Thermostat

Another quick fix is to ensure the functioning of your HVAC units is by checking that your thermostat (which regulates your home’s temperature) is turned on, that the inside is clean, that it’s level, that it’s not exposed to sunlight, and that it’s set to the correct temperature. If the condition stays, there may be a more serious problem at hand and need intervention from an expert from AC repair in Elk Grove, CA.

  • Failed electric control

If you switch your air conditioning unit on and off frequently enough, the compressor and fan will eventually wear out. A connection is present between the compressor, condenser motor, and blower motor to start the unit. The compressor and motor may not turn on if the connection is disrupted due to wires or connectors’ degradation.

Air conditioners, like all other electrical appliances, require routine maintenance. Some smart technologies keep you informed about maintenance risks, but it’s also necessary to keep an eye on things yourself and call up your local service provider for AC repair in Elk Grove, CA. Schedule a routine maintenance check today.

You can contact Climate Solutions LLC on their website.

Do You Need Emergency HVAC Repair?

From refrigerant and leakage to defective blower fans, several potential issues can affect your AC unit. A large number of these issues will come into vision as your AC kicks into full gear in the spring. To avoid a dire situation, you need to get familiar with issues that indicate you need HVAC repair. 

Regular check-ups from an HVAC expert, in general, will keep the framework well-maintained. If you notice any of these indications with your unit, call an authorized HVAC Repair in Elk Grove, CA, immediately.

The AC isn’t working 

While it may sound self-explanatory, this issue can be hard to fix even though you have experience with ACs. After checking the thermostat settings and battery, affirming you have power, and checking or supplanting the air channel, you need to shut off your AC. 

Shutting your air conditioner off will prevent further damage from happening and save you money. An expert on HVAC repair would then be able to analyze and fix the framework before it deteriorates. 

Ice on your AC unit 

The occasional snow on your AC can also lead to you calling up emergency HVAC services. The evaporator coil may freeze. This might happen when the refrigerant moving through the copper tubes gets too cool. 

The most well-known guilty party for this incident is a freon release that results in a low degree of refrigerant. Freon is an unsafe substance and can harm you and your family’s well-being. Bring in an expert from a reputed HVAC Repair in Elk Grove, CA organization right away. 

Spike in your electricity bills 

Higher bills are ordinary during the pinnacles of summer and winter. However, an extraordinary and unexpected change could be a wiring issue. Thus, if you notice a usual rise in your electricity bill not supported by the weather conditions, call in an expert. 

Something strange in the air 

AC units that work efficiently ought to never emit a smell. The smell of something burning coming off from your HVAC system is anything but a decent sign. This could mean either a synthetic release or a genuine electrical issue. If you smell something surprising, cut off power to the system and contact HVAC Repair in Elk Grove, CA experts to fix the matter. 

Maintain your HVAC system

Mild temperatures can diminish the oncoming of an HVAC crisis, yet if you are in a heatwave or moistness levels are high, a crisis call is unquestionable. 

To help forestall HVAC crises, twice-yearly support from a well-experienced HVAC Repair in Elk Grove, CA company will go far to improve your system’s capacities. The advantages of ordinary support are quantifiable – 

  • Lower energy charges because of the framework working at top productivity. 
  • Fewer crisis calls and fixes. 
  • Longer hardware life. 

Finally, keeping a look over your HVAC system implies it runs all the more securely, ensuring your family against things like short circuits and synthetic breaks. If you want an expert to get on your matter, contact Climate Solutions LLC for a quick and durable fix.

What AC Repairs Needed From Damages Caused By Severe Weather?

With summers starting, air conditioners have come back into use quite swiftly. Because air conditioners are used by people quite a lot in scorching heat, it is no surprise that they need repair often. 

Summer brings along a lot of severe weather like storms, both thunderstorms and rainstorms–and even hail. All these weather conditions can damage your air conditioner and have you paying a hefty sum for its repair. 

For instance, an awful climate periodically goes along with power cuts. Moreover, since your AC is electronic and power cuts and electronic devices are not compatible, you will need to find ways to secure your AC. It is fitting to turn off your air conditioner whenever there is a storm brewing outside to see the AC’s safety. Even then, if you think there is an issue, call up an Air Conditioner Repair in Elk Grove, CA company after the storm. 

Covering Your AC

People stress over an excessive amount of water getting on or in their air conditioner and decide to cover it with a canvas or cover. This does not help and could harm your AC if you do not remove the covering before running it once more. 

Your AC was made to deal with snow and rain, so stay away from a potential AC fixing appointment by not covering your unit. If you notice your AC is in standing water after a storm, make sure to call up a good Air Conditioner Repair in Elk Grove, CA organization before you check up on it. 

Flying or Falling Objects 

Another threat to your AC in a severe climate is falling (or flying) objects. This is somewhat difficult to forestall. However, you can reduce the amount of danger by keeping stuff that is not grounded securely to the ground. 

When the storm passes, try to tidy up any dirt or debris that may have aggregated around your unit. If the debris did hit and harm your AC, make a call to your Air Conditioner Repair in Elk Grove, CA company so that they can come over to assess, assist and fix your conditioner. 

High Temperatures

The biggest reason why ACs need fixing is the high temperature in summers. Your AC was made to withstand rain and to deal with a ton of warmth from the sun. 

In any case, the more blazing the sun, the harder your AC needs to work to cool your home. You can help screen some mileage by keeping your house’s temperature setting a little higher. The nearer your indoor temperature is to the open-air temperature, the simpler it gets for your AC to work. 

If you face any of the above problems and do not know what to do, feel free to reach out to Climate Solutions on their website https://www.climatesolutionsca.com/ or call them at (916) 667-6486.

Do Not Neglect These Late-Season AC Repair Needs

People have started calling technicians to service their air conditioners because the summer season has finally arrived. We need air conditioners to go through the hot and humid summer season. Without air conditioners, it isn’t easy to pass summer days. 

However, once the summer season is over, people forget about their air conditioners. People have no interest in thinking about their air conditioners or any late-season repairs, which is bad! We usually think of our air conditioners once the summer season returns. But this is not correct; one should be mindful of their systems.

People should not ignore late-season repairing of their air conditioners. Yes, we will not use those air conditioners until next summer, but their time repairing and servicing is necessary. It may happen that while the air conditioner is out of use, some severe damage may develop in it that can cost us a fortune. Here are some signs that will motivate you to call for late-season repairs:

  • The air conditioner’s cooling is not as good as last year: If you feel that your air conditioner is not cooling the room efficiently even though the temperature is less, you should call a technician. Air conditioners can handle the heat, but if they cannot cool the room even at low temperatures, certainly there is some problem with it which a technician will fix.


  • The utility bills are higher than last year: An air conditioner is supposed to cool the room without causing a hike in the electricity bill. If you feel that your utility bill has increased a lot since you started using your air conditioner, you should call for a technician. It may be the starting of any severe damage to the compressor of ductwork and should be treated as soon as possible.


  • Your air conditioner is having frequent short-cycling: Short-cycling is a term used for air conditioners when the air conditioner does not complete one full cycle of cooling and turns on and off rapidly. It may be the cause and symptom of any major problem. Call for your technician if your new air conditioner short-cycles frequently. Short-cycling affects the efficiency of the air conditioner and causes a hike in the electricity bill.


  • Strange noises are coming from your air conditioner: Air conditioners usually create minimal to no sound, depending on the model and the manufacturing year. But if your air conditioner is making screeching or squealing noises while functioning, this may denote some future problems. The owner should not take such noises lightly and call in for the technician as soon as possible to check which part of the air conditioner is making these noises.

Suppose you feel that your air conditioner is facing or may face such problems and cannot find any good AC repair Elk Grove, CA, visit Climate Solutions LLC. They have the best staff to refer to all your problems and provide the most fitting solution at minimal prices. They ensure that the defects or faults of your air conditioner shall not rise again in the future.

Health Hazards Of Living With a Malfunctioning Furnace

There are devices whose repairs you can ignore, but a furnace repair is essential so you can live a healthy lifestyle. If you overlook a furnace repair in Elk Grove, CA, it may lead to various health consequences. 

According to experts, if you ignore the furnace repair, it can harm your family’s health and cause you the utmost discomfort. Mentioned below are some reasons why you need to repair your malfunctioning furnace to improve your health.

Health hazards of living with a malfunctioning furnace

Following are reasons why homeowners should contact furnace repair as soon as they see any signs of malfunction:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can kill everyone in your house without any warning. The scariest thing about this poisonous gas is that it doesn’t have an odour. If your furnace is broken, you should shut it down immediately and call a technician to look after it.

  • Developing or worsening respiratory problems

A broken furnace spreads foul air in your home, resulting in a potentially hazardous situation. The dust can result in respiratory problems or worsen your respiratory illness. The dust particles may carry other harmful allergens and bacteria that may result in asthma, bronchitis, and many other related disorders.

  • Dry air problems

A malfunctioning furnace may result in dry air problems. Dry air not only makes you uncomfortable but also causes damage to the skin, nose, eyes, and lungs. A malfunctioning furnace can lead to brittle nails, hair, and broken skin.

Types of the furnace

The furnace is the heart of your home in winters. While buying one, you should know the types of furnaces available in the market.

  • Gas furnace

It is the most common type of furnace among all three types. This furnace is a natural gas furnace that uses the gas from the municipal lines. The jets and burner ignite to form the combustion gas that raises the air temperature, which is circulated through your home through vents or ducts. This furnace is cheap to use and provides equal heating.

  • Oil furnace

This furnace is for people who don’t have access to natural gas. This furnace converts the oil into heat. These furnaces are used for a cold environment like the north-eastern. Oil furnaces are always less efficient than gas furnaces.

  • Electrical furnace

Electrical furnaces are for people who live in places with no supply of natural gases. These systems are usually less expensive to buy and have compact sizes that can fit anywhere. Electric furnace converts the electric heating system to provide heat that transfers through the air.

Know more about Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions LLC is a family-owned company that provides its services in Elk Grove, CA. They treat their customers like their own family. This company considers that reputation comes first, so they use infrared cameras to look into your device. They share pictures of your furnace from your attic and underneath your home after each tune-up.

They provide air conditioner maintenance and repair, heating system maintenance and repair, ventilation check-ups, and HVAC system maintenance tune-up. Their technicians suggest to you what you should do to maintain the health of your HVAC system.

Five Ways To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Heating System

When the weather becomes cooler and the temperature drops in California, you start thinking about buying a new comforter and duvets. But did you forget about an essential thing in the house that ensures your warmth and comfort? A heating system is something that provides you and your family with the assurance that they are comfortable. Its maintenance and repair are essential to make sure that your family stays in comfort. 

It will help if you are looking for heating services in Elk Grove, CA, during such times to maintain the health of your heater. Maintenance check-ups are vital, like your medical check-ups, that ensure your safety and prevent future diseases. One way to ensure the safety of your device is to lessen the load on your device.

How can you improve the efficiency of your heating system?

Listed below are ways in which you can improve the efficiency of your heating system. These methods will decrease the cost and energy consumption of your device.

  • Seal the ductwork

The ductwork of your furnace or heater exchanges the cold or hot air in your house. It would help if you sealed all the ductwork to no air leak in your device. If your ductwork is cracked or has holes, it can affect the efficiency of your system. If you seal your ductwork accurately, it will save the chances of any leakage in your device.

  • Air filter

If your furnace has a dirty or clogged filter, then your heater will consume more energy. The furnace removes the dust and debris from the air filters. These air filters get clogged during use and become inefficient in capturing airborne germs and pollutants. You should change your furnace air filters every one to two months to prevent your furnace from slowing down.

  • Thermostat settings

In homes, the thermostat is vital to make your device energy efficient. A backward turn of 10 degrees of your furnace can save 10% of your furnace utility bill. If your home is installed with a thermostat, you can change to the automatic thermostat to decrease your energy bills. The intelligent thermostat even provides you with energy bills to save on your furnace utility bills even more.

  • Preventive maintenance check-ups

One more way of conserving energy is to get regular maintenance check-ups. You can check your furnace yourself or call a technician for the job. A proper maintenance check-up ensures that your furnace is not lagging due to any failed device part.

  • Upgrade the outdated system

If your furnace system’s been in your possession for more than ten years, you should think of replacing it. New systems have energy star labels that are much more energy-efficient than your outdated furnace. You should consult a technician before buying the right heating system for your home.

Choose Climate Solutions for all heating services

Climate Solutions LLC is a family-run firm that gives its assistance in the regions of Elk Grove, CA. They handle their clients like their own families. This company acknowledges that the character comes first, so they apply infrared cameras to view your equipment.

They distribute images of your heater from your loft and below your house after each tune-up. They provide air conditioner maintenance and repair, heating system maintenance and repair, ventilation check-ups, and HVAC system maintenance tune-up. Their technicians suggest to you what you should do to maintain the health of your HVAC system.